Mostly your IT services run perfectly. Your IT services are managed effectively and deliver the intended value for you and your consumers. New or improved digital products and services are implemented frequently, quickly, and securely. The availability and reliability of your systems is ensured by resilient operation in accordance with SLAs.

But every once in a while something changes just enough to diminish the intended value creation of your IT services. The mean time between failures (MTBF) of your systems decreases in part or the practices used are sometimes incomprehensible and inefficient.

How do you regain clarity, focus, and direction when your IT services no longer run smoothly?

Or perhaps things are going well. The use of your services is constantly increasing. Your service portfolio is growing rapidly. High velocity is required from innovation through development and operation to actual realization of value. You are faced with choices and opportunities to realign your IT service management.

Do you improve your services and business outcomes with a shift-left approach? Should you adopt the holistic approach of ITIL® 4? Or maybe reconsider your multisourcing guidelines? These are decisions that will determine the long-term success of your IT services.

It’s time to find a partner that will help you take charge of your future IT service management.

Sitexs GmbH, by Ingo Sexl

Value co-creation for stakeholders through digital service capabilities does not happen on its own. It needs to be tracked and driven. Improvements must be applied based on planning in order to continuously realize and increase value.

I focus on how IT services are best implemented, operated, and improved to meet your business goals. Whether you want to adopt the agile approach of ITIL® 4 (IT Infrastructure Library) or leverage the service life cycle of ITIL® V3, Sitexs supports you in all phases of IT service management.

I am committed to offering services of the highest quality, combining my energy and enthusiasm with years of experience.
I am going the Extra Mile!

- Ingo Sexl

IT Service Delivery

Modern IT service delivery should be a system that provides enhanced visibility into the health of an organization's IT services in order to improve related metrics. My primary goal is to ensure that stakeholders are kept happy by meeting or exceeding stated SLAs.

Agile Service Management

Used correctly, agile principles optimize the service provisioning. Sitexs ensures that even IT service management is based on flexibility, speed, and responsiveness. Fast decision-making processes as well as short planning and implementation cycles are the desired result.

Value Co-Creation

It is crucial that all components and activities in IT service management work together as a system to facilitate value co-creation for your company and your consumers. Sitexs focuses on forming your individual ecosystem with the Service Value System (SVS) of ITIL® 4.

Hybrid Project Management

Agile approaches are increasingly being integrated into traditional project management concepts. However, agile projects also require a fixed framework for action. I use recognized methods such as PRINCE2® Agile to control IT projects and implement short iteration cycles.

Transition Management

Major changes in the IT landscape require appropriate planning in order to keep the risk for the ongoing systems as low as possible. I accompany all phases of large international start-up management projects, smaller IT rollouts, or process transitions.

Service Operation

Today's IT teams are expected to ensure stability, security, and efficiency in increasingly dynamic and interconnected environments. With an end-to-end view, Sitexs creates operational stability to simultaneously support new initiatives and deliver value creation.

The 7 ITIL® guiding principles and the Continual Improvement Model are essential to keep focusing on consumer benefits in the future.

- Ingo Sexl

  • Strategic IT service management
  • Customer-focused service excellence
  • Best practice guidelines

Systematic application management means structuring the diverse topics, tasks, and components of service support according to customer requirements.

ITIL® 4 defines "four dimensions" that collectively are relevant to manage all aspects of the service value system and deliver value to consumers effectively and efficiently. The "typical" IT service management business mediates between development and production on the side of the IT organization, and the client on the business-side.

Sitexs works closely with you to understand your goals and vision, to support your entire IT service management. There is no start with a "canned" course of action – each IT organization is individually and each client has unique requirements. If you are not happy with the delivered work, Sitexs isn't either.
Best practice guidelines such as ITIL® 4, ITIL® V3, PRINCE2® Agile, and COBIT® are used to implement service management, service support, and service delivery in constant balance with your IT service strategy and IT governance.

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Definition of the scope and clear understanding of the result.

Development of a road map and project plan.

Small-scale implementation of IT service management.

Division of tasks into most possible independent modules.

Focus on reference models (ITIL®, PRINCE2 Agile®, COBIT®).